Submersible Pump For Mud

Submersible Pump For Mud

MWQsubmersible sewage pump are developed based on the advanced technical from abroad and have below advantages: hi-efficiency, circumvolution proof, lockage free, auto-coupling, hi-reliability and auto-control etc, Especially they are suitable for pumping liquid with solids and long fibre.

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Submersible Pump For Mud

MSS submersible mud pump is mainly used to extract fine and uniform medium, which is mainly used for removing and transporting slurry liquid in metallurgy, mining, thermal power plant and other enterprises. At present, it is widely used in tailings pond cleaning, slime extraction from sedimentation tank, river dredging in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. River sand pumping industry is also used.

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Bulit in motor




Protection: IP68


High efficiency
Reasonable design
Reliable operation
Long in service time
Easy maintenance
Low running cost

Reference projects

A. The ss250-20-30 submersible mud pump is selected for the mud and slag accumulated in the tailings pond of Handan Iron and steel plant. The particles are uniform without fibrous medium and large particles. The extraction effect is remarkable, the concentration is high, and the discharge distance can reach 350 meters.    


B. The Yellow River Reach of Binzhou estuary is desilting. The Yellow River section has deposited sediment for many years, and the river bed has been continuously charged for the purpose of preventing flood. The customer uses submersible mud pump to clean the river bed and dredge the river channel. The motor of submersible mud pump is coaxial with the pump, so it can directly dive into the water for operation. The operation is simple and the noise is low. The bottom of the submersible mud pump is equipped with a stirring impeller, which directly contacts the sediment layer. The depth of submergence can reach 35 meters, and the concentration of sand is high. The ss600-15-55 submersible mud pump is selected to produce about 200 tons of sand per hour, which can be transported to a distance of 300 meters, greatly improving the work efficiency.


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