Sump Pump For Mining Usage

Sump Pump For Mining Usage

Type SP/SPR is Sump Pump designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high density slurries.They have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. Well operated for insufficient suction duties. Wet parts of type SP pump are made of abrasion resistant hard alloy. All parts of type SPR pump immersed in liquid are lined with special rubber material, which is suitable for non-edge angle abrasive slurries. The depth below the liquid surface of the pumps can be customized.

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Sump pump for mining usage

Type SP/SPR is Sump Pump designed for delivering abrasive, large particle and high

density slurries.They have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. Well operated for insufficient suction

duties. Wet parts of type SP pump are made of abrasion resistant hard alloy. All parts of type SPR pump

immersed in liquid are lined with special rubber material, which is suitable for non-edge angle abrasive

slurries. The depth below the liquid surface of the pumps can be customized.



Slurry,   Sewage & Water


MSP Vertical Slurry Pump


Up to 1267 m3/hr( 352 L/s )


Up to 43 m ( 141 feet )


Up to 1500 rpm

·Outlet Dia

40mm to 250mm (1.5"up to 10")


Max.: 110




4140 Mild Steel

·Bearing Housing

Cast Iron


Mild Steel

·Upper Strainer

Rubber or Cast Iron

·Lower Strainer

Cast Iron

·Back Liner

27% Chrome White Iron

·Pump Casing

27% Chrome White Iron or   Rubber Lined White Iron


27% Chrome White Iron or   Rubber

·Discharge Pipe

Mild Steel or Rubber Lined   Mild Steel

·Adapter Plate

Mild Steel

Sump pump Structure:

SP structure.png


09ee5749-7a11-4fc0-a5ca-e73f6fe9f62c-original - 副本.jpg



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