rubber lined verticle pump

rubber lined verticle pump

The MSP pumps are vertical, centrifugal slurry pumps submerged in sump to work.They are designed for delivering abrasive,large particle and high density slurries.These pumps have no need of any shaft seal and sealing water. They can also be operated normally for insufficient suction duties.Wet parts of type MSP pump are made of abrasion-resistant metal.

Product Details

150SV-MSPR rubber lined verticle spindle pump

MSP heavy duty sump pumps are vertical, shaft driven centrifugal slurry pumps designed for transferring abrasive and high density slurries from sumps, pits and other submersible sources.
Models are available in sizes ranging from 40mm to 250mm discharge and are capable of flow rates from 5 to 350 liters per second(79-5540USGPM) at heads up to 40meters(130ft), The heavy duty design of MSP pumps allows the passage of large particles with a diameter of up to 50mm.

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Pump Specifications.

·Usage:                                        Slurry, Sewage & Water
·Type:MSP Vertical Slurry Pump
·CapacityUp to 1267 m3/hr( 352 L/s )
·HeadUp to 43 m ( 141 feet )
·Speed:Up to 1500 rpm
·Outlet Dia40mm to 250mm (1.5"up to 10")
·TemperatureMax.: 110 ºC
·Drive Electric
·Shaft4140 Mild Steel
·Bearing HousingCast Iron
·ColumnMild Steel
·Upper StrainerRubber or Cast Iron
·Lower StrainerCast Iron
·Back Liner27% Chrome White Iron
·Pump Casing27% Chrome White Iron or Rubber Lined White Iron
·Impeller27% Chrome White Iron or Rubber
·Discharge PipeMild Steel or Rubber Lined Mild Steel
·Adapter PlateMild Steel


SELECTION CHART--Metal MSP Vertical Slurry Pump

Type       Outlet Dia. 
Max Power 
Max Particle
 Size (mm)
Pumping Depth 
No. of 
Impeller Dia.
MSP-40P40  P1512900*12005188
MSP-150S        150            S            110               45    1500*1800*2100           5           450

Rubber MSP Vertical Slurry Pump

TypeOutlet Dia.
Bearing FrameMax Power 
Max Particle 
Size  (mm)
Pumping Depth  
No. of VanesImpeller Dia. 
MSP-150SR         150            S            110              45   1500*1800*2100            5          450

Selection chart
Pump struture
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