Submerged Lime Slurry Sump Pump

Submerged Lime Slurry Sump Pump

The MSP vertical slurry pump is single stage, single suction, vertical centrifugal slurry pump, which is cost-effective and super performance,designed for submergence of the wet end in pits, ponds or sumps and capable of handling a diverse range of applications.

Product Details

Centrifugal Submerged Lime Slurry Sump Pump

I: Material used:
1)High chrome alloy: A05, A07, A49, etc.
2)Natural rubber: R08, R26, R33, R55, etc.
3)Other materials can be supplied as requirements .

 II: Applications:
Alumina,Copper mining,Iron ore,Gas oil,Coal ,Electric industry,Phosphate,Bauxite,Gold,Potash, Wolfram,Water sewerage utilities,Sugar,Tobacco,Chemical fertilizer 

III: Features:
1)Double casings design centrifugal slurry pump, wide passage for solids;
2)Bearing assembly & frame: Both standard & high capacity typies available.  A large diameter shaft with a short overhang minimizes deflection and vibration. Heavy duty roller bearing are housed in a removable bearing cartridge. Pump body is fastened with the frame by minimum bolts. Impeller adjustment is provided in a convenient position below the bearing assembly;
3)Impeller & liner material: high chrome white iron, rubber, etc;
4)High efficiency impeller available: up to 86.5% for certain type;
5)Interchangeable wet parts material: High chrome alloy metal: PH: 5-12; natural rubber: PH: 4-12;
6)Shaft seal: Packing seal, centrifugal seal, mechanical seal; 
7)Discharge branch: 8 positions in each 45°;
8) Driving type: V-belt, flexible coupling, gearbox, hydraulic coupler;

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