Submerged Slurry Pump Vertical Slurry Pump

Submerged slurry pump vertical slurry pump SP type submerged pump is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump, which is suitable for conveying abrasive, coarse particles and high concentration slurry. The pump generally intrudes into the pool or works in the pit. It does not need any shaft seal and...

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Submerged slurry pump vertical slurry pump



SP(R) type submerged pump can be divied into SP and SPR. The difference between SPR submerged slurry pump and SP submerged slurry pump is only that the surface of immersed parts is lined with corrosion-resistant rubber, the rubber lined parts include shaft, pump body, slurry pump impeller, guard plate and filter screen, the connecting bolts of submerged part are equipped with rubber protective sleeve, and the transmission parts are exactly the same as SP type pump.

The above model is 65QV-SP from our client in Canada. And he asked us give the advises to maintan the pump. So we offer the followings:

1.How to extend the service lift of sump slurry pump

(1) The water pressure and water quantity of the bearing should meet the requirements, and the tightness of the packing should be adjusted (or replaced) at any time to avoid leakage of the shaft seal. And timely replace the shaft sleeve.

(2)  When replacing the bearing, it is necessary to ensure that there is no dust in the bearing assembly and the lubricating oil is clean. When the pump is running, the bearing temperature should not exceed 60 ~ 65℃and not exceed 75 ℃.

(3) Ensure that the pump components and pipeline system are installed correctly, firmly and reliably.

(4) Some parts of slurry pump belong to vulnerable parts. In daily use, attention should be paid to the loss of vulnerable parts and timely repair or replace them. In the process of repairing or replacing the wearing parts of slurry pump, it is necessary to ensure correct assembly and reasonable clearance adjustment to avoid tight friction.

2. The following is the important knowledge you should know for submerged slurry pump 

▶High lift pump: the pump with specified point lift higher than 50m.

▶Low head pump: the pump with specified point head less than or equal to 50m.

▶Vulnerable flow passage parts: parts easy to fail due to slag slurry abrasion, such as impeller, sheath and guard plate of double shell pump, pump body and pump cover of single shell pump.

▶Critical speed: the pump speed when the transverse natural vibration frequency of the rotating part of the pump is consistent with the rotating frequency.


The pumps can be installed in the pipeline, installation and maintenance are very convenient, do not need to remove the pipeline system and other advantages. If there is a need for this product, you can call or email for consultation.

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