Bareshaft Water Pump

Bareshaft Water Pump

The bare shaft water pump is  horizontal end suction water pump . It is centrifugal pump that are use the impeller to pump liquids . This suction centrifugal pump is designed according to the capability and sizestipulated in the international Standard ISO2858, it is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft,ring seal, sleeve and suspended bearing units, etc.

Product Details

Bareshaft Water Pump

The bare shaft water pump is  horizontal end suction water pump . It is centrifugal pump that are use the impeller to pump liquids . suction centrifugal pump is designed according to the capability and sizestipulated in the international Standard ISO2858, it is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft,ring seal, sleeve and suspended bearing units, etc. 

Performance Range:

  • Capacity: Q =2.6-460m3/h

  • Head:       H =11-132m

  • Temperature: T =20-105C 

Feature of Coal chemical pump:

  • Rated performance and the size of pump depends on ISO2858-1975(E).

  • The size of cavity for assembling mechanical seal and soft packing depends on ISO3069-1974(E)

  • The structure do not need disassemble the piping system can remove the rotor parts for maintenance.

  • The pump's discharge and pipeline located at the middle top of pump ,the pump body stength even with small vibration

  • low noise.

Medium transfer :

Organic acid and inorganic acid,such as sulfuric acid ,hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid, etc ,Alkaline solution of various concentrations of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate.All kinds of liquid petroleum products,organic and other corrosive
materials and products .

Model of Coal chemical pump:

IS65 --50--160A S1

IS:International standard water pump system products;

65: pump's suction diameter .(mm)

50: pump's discharge diameter;(mm)

160: In the name of impeller diameter ;(mm)

A:  The same model impeller was cut by one time;

S1: Pump sealing form is S1- Single end mechanical seal)

Pump Feature

(1) The temperature of liquid shall not be over 80 oC.
(2) The major components are casing, casing cover, impeller, shaft, wear ring, shaft sleeve, bearing bracket etc.
(3)Bareshaft Water Pump is divided into the casing and the casing cover from the back face of the impeller i.e. back pull-out design. Bareshaft Water Pump has the advantages for ease of inspection and maintenance. When inspection, only dismantle the intermediate connector between pump coupling and motor coupling. The rotating element can be completely removed without disturbing the casing, suction and discharge pipeline and motor.


1.Water supply system; Heat, air condition system

2.Clean,thin,non-corrosive,non-flammable or non-explosive liquid without grain or fiber

3.Booster, constant pressure water supply

4.Firefighting, splitting system, farming irrigation/drainage 

5.Industry cooling, heater circulation system; Industry transferring, drain system

Pump Materials

No.CountryCast ironDuctile IronStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316





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