Centrifugal Multistage Pumps

Centrifugal Multistage Pumps

centrifugal multistage pumps The multi-stage pump is mainly composed of stator, rotor, bearing and shaft seal 1. The stator part of multistage pumps are mainly composed of suction section, middle section, discharge section and guide vane, and each section is clamped by tightening bolts to form a...

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centrifugal multistage pumps

Overview for the centrifugal multistage pumps

The centrifugal multistage pump is mainly composed of stator, rotor, bearing and shaft seal. 

There has two types multistage pumps, one is horizontal multistage pump, the other is vertical multistage pump, today let us talk abou the horizontal multistage pumps.

Model selection of centrifugal multistage pumps for your reference:

Model selection of centrifugal multistage pumps
ModelCapacitityHeadSpeed Motor powerImpeller diameterWeight
We just list some models,please email us for more specifications. Email us: miya@modopump.cn
D-type horizontal multi-stage pump is mainly used for industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building pressurized water supply, garden sprinkler irrigation, fire-fighting pressurization, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom and other cold and warm water circulation pressurization and equipment matching, especially suitable for small boiler water supply.

Today we got an inquiry from Ecuador, specification as follows:

outlet of the centrifugal multistage pump is 2inch, vertical height 400, horizontal transfer distance 1000m, please check the sketch:

centrifugal multistage pump

Based on the sketch of the centrifugal multistage pump required, we selected the suitable centrifugal multistage pump :

--Model: D12-50*9

--Capacity: 8m³/h

--Head: 486m

--Shaft power: 26 Kw

--Diesel engine power: 34 Kw

The diesle engine of centrifugal multistage pumps we recommended is top brand in China, there has distributores in many countries. So you do not worry about the maintanance.

The company's multi-stage centrifugal pumps are all designed and optimized by computer. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.

This is the working site of centrifugal multistage pump at work site.

If you have similar application,please email us:


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