Multistage Deep Well Pump

Multistage Deep Well Pump

1. Deliver deep well water 2. Irrigation 3. Drink for life 4. Wast water dewatering

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200m high pressure 210kw multistage deep well pump


The biggest characteristic of multistage deep well pump is to make the motor and pump into a whole. It is a kind of pump immersed in the underground well to pump and deliver water. Because the motor is submerged in the water at the same time, the structural requirements of the motor are more special than that of the general motor. The structure of the motor can be divided into four types: dry type, semi dry type, oil filled type and wet type.


1. Deliver deep well water

2. Farmland drainage and irrigation

3. Industrial and mining enterprises 

4. Drink for life in urban

5. Wast water dewatering

6. Drainage, etc. 


On the use of media, submersible pumps can be generally divided into clean water submersible pump, sewage submersible pump, seawater submersible pump (corrosive) three categories.



1. The motor and water pump are integrated to operate in the water, which is safe and reliable. 

2. There is no special requirement for well pipe and lifting pipe (i.e. steel pipe well, ash pipe well and earth well can be used; steel pipe, rubber pipe and plastic pipe can be used as lifting pipe under pressure permission). 

3. The installation, use and maintenance are convenient and simple, the floor area is small, and the building pump house is not required.

4. The results are simple and the raw materials are saved. Whether the service conditions of the submersible pump are suitable and properly managed is directly related to the service life.

Introduction of submersible deep well pump parts

QJ-deep well pump parts

Executive standard of multistage water pump

The national standard for deep well pump: GB / T2816-2002            

Executive standard for three phase submersible asynchronous motor of deep well pump: GB / T2818-2002

Installation instructions to deep well pump  

(1) The water inlet of deep well pump must be below 1 m of the dynamic water level, but the diving depth shall not exceed 70 m below the static water level, and the lower end of the motor shall be at least 1 m below the bottom of the well. 

(2) The motor with rated power less than or equal to 15kw (25kw when the power supply allows) shall be started at full voltage. 

(3) When the rated power is more than 15kw, the motor is started by reducing voltage.  

(4) The use environment must meet the specified conditions.

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