Deep Well Submersible Pump

Deep Well Submersible Pump

A complete electric submersible pump includes a water pump set, electric motor, a discharge piping, water-proof cable and a control panel.

Product Details

250QJ126-30-12 2 inches Deep Well Submersible Water Pump


Submersible motor filled with clean water for cooling and lubrication. And the pressure regulation switch, located at the bottom of motor, shall automatically operate to balance the pressure fluctuation caused by temperature variations.


QJ Multistage Deep Well Pump Features:

1. The motor and the pump united as one, working under water, more reliable.

2. No special requirements for the well casing and lifting pipe. 

3. Easy to install, operate and maintain, less space demand, no pump house needed

4. Simple structure, less cost, Submersible

QJ Multistage Deep Well Pump Application:

1. Ground water suction equipment

2. Water lifting in rivers, reservoirs and Canals

3. Agriculture irrigation

4. Water supply for human and animal in plateau and mountain area

5. Water drainage in city, factories, railway system, mining area and construction site

6. Water supply equipment in any possible places

Deep-well-pump(1)  Deep-well-pump

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