Vertical Multistage Pump Instead Of Roots

Vertical multistage pump instead of Roots Product Description of Model CDL4-160 Parts Material Performance Curve This is a customer from Chile, want to replace the original two Roots pump. They find our company for an inquiry of vertical multistage water pump. The customer gave the model and...

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Vertical multistage pump instead of Roots 


Product Description of Vertical Multistage Pump Instead of Roots


Pump Specifications

Motor Specifications



Head: 9bar




Shaft seal:mechanical seal


Efficiency: 50%


Parts Material







Shaft sleeve


Inlet/Outlet casing

Cast iron

Performance Curve

performance curve

This is a customer from Chile, want to replace the original two Roots pump. They find our company for an inquiry of vertical multistage water pump. The customer gave the model and basic parameters of Roots pump. After many times of performance and size comparison, they finally confirmed the model CDL4-160,then purchased 6 sets. As the one pump has 16 impellers, so we recommend them buy some impellers and mechinical seals as spare parts. They asked for delivery as soon as possible. The customer is in a hurry to order. However, due to the late time of placing an order before Chinese new year, catching up with the new year's holiday and the stop of transportation, the goods were not delivered on time. Then there was the outbreak of the epidemic in China, the closure of the city and the suspension of work. Then there was the globalization of the epidemic, and the freight rose sharply, so the delivery delayed another four months. Now the goods are on their way. Thanks so much for our client trust and understanding.



Stainless steel vertical multistage pump is a kind of non self-priming centrifugal pump, which has the characteristics of significant energy saving, small floor area, convenient installation and stable performance. It can be easily installed in the middle of any section of horizontal pipeline, and can transport all kinds of different media from tap water to industrial liquid. It is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges, as well as mild corrosive liquid. The impeller, pump shell and its main accessories inside the water pump are made of stainless steel by stamping. The flow channel is particularly smooth. The bearing bush and shaft sleeve are made of cemented carbide, which has super service life and avoids secondary pollution. Shaft seal adopts wear-resistant mechanical seal, no leakage, long service life. Solve the axial force with hydraulic balance, so the pump runs smoothly and has low noise. The motor adopts Y2 lead shell, imported bearing, insulation grade F. The whole pump has reliable quality, beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight and convenient transportation. It is an ideal green, environmental protection and energy-saving vertical multistage pump. 


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