Verticle Turbine Pump

Verticle Turbine Pump

The China centrifugal double suction pump is energy-saving, single-stage, double-suction centrifugal water pump. This centrifugal double suction pump adopts the national standard design, the pump series, standardization, high degree of generalization, at the same time, in the design of a new material, new structure, can be used for a variety of media delivery.

Product Details

Verticle turbine fire pump

Vertical turbine pump with mixed or axial flow impeller design, broad hydraulic coverage provides best selection to meet specific operating conditions. Fabricated or cast iron, surface or underground discharge head, shaft and bearing combinations promote long life with options of open or enclose line shaft construction. It can be driven by VHS NEMA Standard motor, VSS motor or diesel engine through right angle gear box.

Capacity: ≤5000m³/h

Head: ≤350 m

Motor Power: 5.5-1600kW

Rated Voltage: 380V, 6kV, 10kV

Well Diameter: 100- 950mm

Max. Discharge Diameter: 650mm

RFQ from client:

Verticle   turbine pumpcapacity:500GPM   head:86psi ,submerged depth:2m,power:30kw,1760rpm,380v,60hz,3phases
control   cabinet30kw,380v,60hz,3phases



 Vertical turbine pump material:

Bowl:cast iron stainless steel

Shaft:Stainless steel

Impeller:Cast iron,Bronze or Stainless steel

Discharge head:Cast iron or carbon steel

Vertical turbine pump photos:


long shaft deep well pump 3long shaft deep well pumps 3






Q: What is the range of capacity and head of your vertical turbine pump?

A: We can manufacture the vertical turbine pumps with the capacity ranges from 10m3/h to 3000m3/h and the head ranges from 10m to 300m. 

Q: What is the delivery time of your vertical turbbine pump?

A: For regular material, the pump can be ready within 15 working days, because we have large quantity of vavious models of spare parts in stock. For speical materials, such as bronze or  duplex stainless steel, the delivery time will be about 20 working days, because we seldom have such customized spare parts in stock and the casting of these special materails takes more time.

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