Dewatering Water Pump

Dewatering Water Pump

IS \ ISR type single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump is designed according to the capability and sizestipulated in the international Standard ISO2858, it is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft,ring seal, sleeve and suspended bearing units, etc.

Product Details

Dewatering Water Pump

Pump inofrmations

The IS65-40-200 dewatering water pump is mainly used in farm irrigation, water supply and city water drainage.

It is axial suction and vertical discharge. With stainless steel material, the pump could also handle acid liquids.

To avoid the shaft abrasion, there is a stainless steel shaft in the packing chamber to protect the shaft.The rubber o-rings are also fitted between the shaft and sleeve, which could prevent the water leakage.

Generally, the pump is connected to electric motor with extending flexible couplings. There is a guard above it to protection the couplings.

Pump performance data

Flow: 25  m³/hr
Head: 50  m
Impeller diameter: 200  mm

Suction diameter: 65mm

Discharge diameter: 40mm


Rotation: Clockwise from the driven end

Pump Performance Curve


Diesel engine dredge water pump 10 hp

Pump installation

The clean water pump is connected by the motor and the pump. The fulcrum bearing of the motor rotor is also a pump bearing. It is rigid power transmission, which makes the impeller of the pump rotate working pressure reducing valve. Between the pump impeller and the vortex shell is only 0.10-0.22 mm gap, sand debris stuck dead impeller, a motor rotor can not rotate and failure. From the failure analysis of the repair pump, the damage of the motor rate is more than 80% because of the death of the impeller card. When the power switch when the motor does not turn, immediately turn off the power, the motor work is to produce a rotating magnetic field in inductor, the motor will not be damaged in a short time. The rear cover of the motor can be removed with a screwdriver, and the blade of the rotating fan is straight to the back cover and then electrified.

Pump reference photo

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