6 Inch Irrigation Water Pumps

6 Inch Irrigation Water Pumps

IS series single-stage end-suction (axial intake) centrifugal pump is an energy-saving pump designed by teamwork in the whole nation, it is improved on a basis on model BA, B and other single-stage water centrifugal pump. The advantages: its hydraulic capability is distributed reasonably, wide...

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Single Stage End Suction Water Pump


6 Inch Irrigation Water Pumps single-stage end-suction (axial intake) centrifugal pump is an energy-saving pump designed by teamwork in the whole nation, it is improved on a basis on model BA, B and other single-stage water centrifugal pump. 

Performance Data


Flow:  200m3/hr
Head:   20 m
Efficiency:81 %
NPSHr: 3.0 m
Impeller diameter: 260 mm
Rotation: Clockwise from the driven end
Impeller diameter: 260 mm
Suction diameter: 150mm
Discharge diameter: 125mm

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Pump selection:

pump installation

6 Inch Irrigation Water Pumps are usually used in agricultural production. There are two general purposes. One is to water crops and the other is to drain water from fields in rainy season.            

According to these requirements, attention should be paid to:            

First, the base of pump and motor should be very solid and solid, and the length of suction pipe should be shortened as far as possible.            

Second, the sealing work of suction pipe should be done well, and leakage is not allowed. The bottom valve is firmly connected with the water inlet pipe. When the bottom valve enters the page, it should be at least 0.5 meters away from the bottom of the water, and it should be covered with a net to prevent the foreign matters from entering the water pump.            

Third, when the drive of the pump is driven by the belt, attention should be paid to the installation of the belt and the way of exerting force to ensure the efficiency of operation. The actual selection direction of the water pump should be the same as the design direction.            

After the customer determines the type of agricultural water pump, it is necessary to consider its economic performance, and pay special attention to the selection of pump head, flow rate and matching power. It must be noted that the head (total head) indicated on the label of the pump is different from the actual head when it is used. This is because there will be a certain resistance loss when the water flows through the water pipe and near the pipeline. 

Therefore, the actual head is generally 10% - 20% lower than the total head, and the water output is reduced accordingly. Therefore, in actual use, it can only be estimated according to 80% - 90% of the lift and flow indicated on the label. The power of the pump can be selected according to the power indicated on the label. In order to make the pump start quickly and safely, the power of the power machine can be slightly higher than the power required by the pump, which is generally about 10% higher; If there is power, when purchasing the water pump, you can choose the matching water pump according to the power of the power machine.

Common fault diagnosis methods of water pump equipment:            

Auscultation: when the equipment is in normal operation, the accompanying sounds always have certain rules. The function of human hearing can compare whether the equipment presents abnormal noise, and identify the hidden dangers such as looseness, impact and imbalance inside the equipment. Knock the parts with a hammer and listen to the cracking noise to judge whether there are cracks. The electronic stethoscope can convert the vibration of equipment into electrical signal and amplify it. Workers monitor the vibration sound of running equipment with earphone to complete the qualitative measurement of sound. Measure the signals of the same measuring point, different periods, the same speed and the same working conditions, and compare them to judge whether the equipment can be fault . When the earphone presents bright and sharp noise, it is clarified that parts with relatively small size usually have partial defects or tiny cracks. When the noise of the earphone is turbid and depressed, it is clarified that the parts with relatively large size will have large cracks or defects. When the noise from the earphone is stronger than usual, the fault is more and more serious. When the noise from the earphone is disorderly and intermittently presented, it indicates that some parts or components are loose.            

Touch method: the temperature, vibration and gap change of equipment can be monitored by human touch. The nerve fibers on the hand are relatively sensitive to temperature, and can accurately distinguish the temperature within 80 ℃. When the temperature of the machine is about 0 ℃, the hand feels cold. If the touch time is long, it will produce bone piercing pain. When the temperature is about 30 ℃, the hand feels warm and warm. When the temperature is about 40 ℃, it feels hot and slightly hot. When the temperature is about 60 ℃, the handle is very hot, but it can endure 10 seconds for a long time. When the temperature is about 70 ℃, the hand is burning and painful. Generally, it can only endure for 3 seconds for a long time, and the touch part of the hand will turn red quickly. Touching the parts by hand can feel the change of vibration intensity and impact, as well as the creeping condition of slide board. If the surface temperature of rolling bearing, sliding bearing, spindle box and motor are measured by thermometer equipped with external thermocouple probe, the thermal anomaly can be identified.            

Observation: human vision can check whether the machine parts on the equipment have looseness, cracks and other damages; can check whether the smoothness is normal or not, whether there is dry friction, running, emitting, dripping and leaking; It can monitor whether the equipment movement is normal and whether there is abnormal phenomenon. By analyzing the information comprehensively, we can judge whether the equipment has fault, fault location, fault level and fault cause.           

 Troubleshooting: straighten the shaft or replace it as required; check whether the clearance is correct and replace the wear ring of pump shell or impeller as required; eliminate the stress and consult with the manufacturer's representative to check the alignment condition ,replace the worn or damaged parts as required; replace as required. Cut off and eliminate the source of dirt.

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