6 Inch Centrifugal Water Pump

6 Inch Centrifugal Water Pump

ISA Centrifugal Water Pump ISA centrifugal water pump complies fully to the European Standard BS EN733 / DIN24255 of performance and dimensions. They are used for pumping clean water or liquids similar to water, achieving wide application in plants, mines, city water supplies, air-conditioning...

Product Details

6 inch centrifugal water pump

Product Describe of Water Pump

ISA series centrifugal pump is specialized in pumping water, liquid, chemical substances, etc. The rotation speed is 1450rpm, 1750rpm, 2900rpm, 3500rpm for optional. This water pump can be widely used in water transfer system,  farmland irrigation ,fire water supply, urban drainage, cooling water circulation for air conditioner, sewage treatment and other fields.

Working Range

Speed2900r/min1450r/min or 1480r/min
Max. Capacity132L/s300L/s
Max. Head150m550m
Max. Speed3500r/min (when using the power of 60Hz, the dia. of impeller is reduced)
Max. Working Temperature105ºC
Shaft SealPacking Seal or Mechanical Seal
Packing or mechanical seal-10ºC

1. Constructional Engineering: clear water transportation, pressurization system, air condition water circulation system, fire extinguishing system, swimming pool and water circulation system.
2. Industry: circulating cooling system, process water for paper-making and paper pulp, steel production, shipbuilding, sea transportation and other manufacturing industry.
3. Mining Industry: water supply, mine drainage, generating station, etc.
4. Others: Municipal water supply, agricultural irrigation and some others.




Cast Iron standard, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel optional


Bronze standard, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel optional


ASTM420 standard, ASTM304, ASTM316, ASTM1045 optional

Shaft Seal     

Mechanical Seal standard (Carbon-Ceramic/Viton   standard, Caron-Sic/Viton optional) , Gland Packing optional

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