Big Volume Flood Split Case Water Pump

Big Volume Flood Split Case Water Pump

China water pump supplier The MS Split Casing water pump is a single-stage double suction horizontal split centrifugal water pump. It is used totransport pure water and the liquid which physical and chemical nature is similar with water the maximum temperature isn't more than 80 ℃ . This...

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China Big Volume Flood Split Case Water Pump supplier

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S-type single-stage double suction split pump is horizontal installation, the suction inlet and outlet are under the center line of the pump shaft, and the pump body is horizontally opened, so it is not necessary to remove the water inlet and outlet pipelines during maintenance. The shaft seal is soft packing seal or mechanical seal.

Performance parameter range reference

Flow rate: 72-11600 m3 / h 

Pump head: 10-253m

Power: 11-2240kw

Efficiency: 69% - 90%


Model selection


Performance and advantages 

  1. High efficiency, up to 90%.

  2. Simple installation and easy maintenance.

  3. Stable structure, suitable for long time operation.

  4. Long service life

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S-type single-stage double suction split pump is hig volume and hig pressure. The high temperature of liquid should not exceed 80 ℃, which is suitable for factories, mines, urban water supply, power stations, large-scale water conservancy projects, farmland irrigation and drainage. 

In the selection of single-stage double suction centrifugal pump, performance parameters are concerned, because each manufacturer's single-stage double suction centrifugal pump model is different, the parameters are also different. Flow, head and power are important parameters to be understood when selecting single-stage double suction centrifugal pump. Only according to their own requirements, can we save manpower and materials.

Flood season is coming,please advise working condition&data,we will work out suitable solution! 


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