ISA32-13 Centrifugal Pumps

ISA32-13 Centrifugal Pumps

The water pump is simple, reliable, small, light, and with good anti-cavitation performance,little power consumption and easy to maintain.

Product Details

ISA32-13 Centrifugal pumps price water pump 50kw


This centriifugal pump will be used to transfer hot water.The water pump is simple, reliable, small, light, and with good anti-cavitation performance,little power consumption and easy to maintain. 

MIS-end-suction-pump spare parts

Pump Installation

• Have the pumps’s installation height, the pipeline length and diameter and the flowrate comply with the calculations and try best to reduce unnecessary loss. 

• Use a bigger pipeline diameter for a distance transportation. The pump pipeline should have a stand of its own and do not let the pipeline weight upon the pump to avoid it from pressed damage. 

•  Mount the check value outside of the gate value on the drain-out pipeline if required to mount it.


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