Single Stage Water Pump

Single Stage Water Pump

Applications: Water treatment plant/ Irrigation/ Seawater pumping/ Food processing/ Construction and agriculture/ Power Plant

Product Details

Single stage end suction water pump 10,20 bar 

MIS-end-suction-pump spare parts

Many  models of Single stage end suction water pump are also option.


Water treatment plant


Seawater pumping

Food processing

Construction and agriculture

Power Plant

MIS end suction water pump series 1

Pump Installation:

• Have the pumps’s installation height, the pipeline length and diameter and the flowrate comply with the calculations and try best to reduce unnecessary loss. 

• Use a bigger pipeline diameter for a distance transportation. The pump pipeline should have a stand of its own and do not let the pipeline weight upon the pump to avoid it from pressed damage. 

•  Mount the check value outside of the gate value on the drain-out pipeline if required to mount it.



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