Feed water Pump

Feed water Pump

MD multistage pump is characterized by its rational structure, high efficiency, nice NPSH, low vibration, stable operation, long service time and so on. It is applied to transport medium mineral water containing solid particlesl.5% (the granule is less than 0.5mm) and some other liquids similar to it. It is perfect equipment

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Feed water Pump


① The structure is simple and compact. For the same conveying capacity, the area occupied by the centrifugal feed water pump is small, the weight is light, the material consumption is less, and the requirements for the foundation are not as high as that of the double pump, so the manufacturing and installation costs are low.

②feed water pumpcan run at high speed. It can adopt 2-pole or 4-pole motor direct connection. The transmission structure is simple and easy to install.

③ There is no valve in the centrifugal feed water pump pump, so it is suitable for conveying suspension. The special design can also transport the suspension of large solid

④ Chemical resistant materials can be used to make pumps, suitable for transporting corrosive solution.

⑤ Because of feed water pump simple structure, less parts, less faults, durable, less maintenance costs, convenient management and reliable work.

⑥ The output can be adjusted or even fully closed by the discharge valve, without the danger of infinite rise of pressure head.

⑦ The centrifugal feed water pump is the most suitable for the large amount of liquid to be transported and the pressure head is not required to be large.

⑧ The drainage is uniform without pulse phenomenon.

Disadvantages of multistage centrifugal feed water pump:

① Before operation, the feed water pump body must be filled with liquid.

② For the supply of small flow, large head unsuitable, low efficiency, limited.

3. If the design is not perfect or not operated at the time, such as milk, it will easily generate foam, which will affect the next production process.

④ Improper installation will cause "gas binding" phenomenon.

⑤ Efficiency is also lower than reciprocating feed water pump.



Structural Drawing 

D-structure photo


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