Highigh Pressure Hot Water Pump

Highigh Pressure Hot Water Pump

Boiler water pump Product information: High temperature High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump is mainly used for conveying water free of solid particles with the temperature of -20 degrees centigrade ~ 210 degrees centigrade or physical and chemical properties similar to liquid water. High...

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High pressure multistage water pump

Type MDG pump is single-suction, multi-stage, segmental centrifugal pump. It is used for feeding water of low-middle pressure boiler as well as pumping high lift water of factory and city. It is provided for delivering clear water or other liquid which is physically and chemically similar to clear water. The temperature of the liquid for  type DG85-80 and 200DG 43 pump is -20℃~150℃, the temperature for the liquid for the others usually is -20℃~105℃. The maximum inlet pressure is not allowed more than 0.59MPa (6kgf/cm2)..



Application photos:





Head :80m

Power:160kw -4P


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