Hot Sale Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump

Hot Sale Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump

Description MD type wearable centrifugal mine water pump is used to transport the clear water and the neutral liquid of pit water with solid grain ≤1.5%. Granularity < 0.5mm. The temperature of the liquid is not over 80ºC. The pumps are suitable for water supply and drainage in mines,...

Product Details

MD Multistage water Pump Series


Type D/DG pump can deliver water without solid particle or the liquid which the chemical and physical feature are similar with water and temperature less than 105℃, it is suitable for delivering water in mine, boiler feed water, heat water and urban water project etc. 



The MD horizontal multistage pumps are designed for longevity, minimum through-life cost and ease of maintenance.
High grade materials of construction and generously rated bearings provide a rugged combination to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications.

Typical Applications
Steel manufacture
Power generation
Municipal water supply
Reverse osmosis
Condensate extraction
Sprinkler irrigation
Petrochemical duties
Fire fighting

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