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Description MD type wearable centrifugal mine water pump is used to transport the clear water and the neutral liquid of pit water with solid grain ≤1.5%. Granularity < 0.5mm. The temperature of the liquid is not over 80ºC. The pumps are suitable for water supply and drainage in mines,...

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Hot Sale Steam Boiler Feed Water Pump



Type D/DG pump can deliver water without solid particle or the liquid which the chemical and physical feature are similar with water and temperature less than 105℃, it is suitable for delivering water in mine, boiler feed water, heat water and urban water project etc. 

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The MD horizontal multistage pumps are designed for longevity, minimum through-life cost and ease of maintenance.
High grade materials of construction and generously rated bearings provide a rugged combination to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications.

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The main applications of steam boiler feed water pump:

1. Chemical and petroleum industries

In the production of chemical and petroleum enterprises, raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products are mostly liquid. However, to make raw materials into semi-finished products and finished products, it needs to go through complex technological processes. In these processes, steam boiler feed water pump play the role of conveying liquid and providing pressure and flow for chemical reaction. In addition, the steam boiler feed water pump can also be used to adjust the temperature.

2. Agricultural production

In agricultural production, the use of water pump is the main drainage and irrigation machinery. China's rural area is vast, every year rural areas need a lot of pumps. According to statistics, agricultural pumps account for more than half of its total output.

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3. Mining and metallurgy

In mining and metallurgical industry, steam boiler feed water pump pump is also used more equipment. Such as mine drainage, mineral processing, smelting, rolling process, need to use pumps to supply water.

4. Electric power industry

In the power sector, thermal power plants need a large number of steam boiler feed water pump, condensate pumps, circulating water pumps, ash liquid pumps, etc.

5. Shipbuilding Industry

In the ship building industry, most of the pumps used on each ocean going ship are more than 100, and their types are also various.

6. Defense industry

In the construction of national defense, steam boiler feed water pump are used to adjust the flaps, rudders and landing gears of aircraft, to rotate the turrets of warships and tanks, and to sink and float submarines. There are also special requirements for high-temperature nuclear pumps and nuclear power stations, such as nuclear power pumps and high-pressure nuclear power stations.

7. Other industries

Other water pumps are used for water supply and drainage in cities, oil (water) for diesel (steam) locomotives, lubrication and cooling in machine tools, bleaching and dyeing in textile industry, pulp in paper industry, milk and sugar in food industry, etc.

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