Mining High Head Multistage Pump

Mining High Head Multistage Pump

The main overflow parts of the multistage pumps are made of stainless steel, and have the characteristics of light weight, clean and sanitary.

Product Details

Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump features:           

1, easy maintenance: import and export at the same level, the pump's inlet and outlet can be installed in any position and any direction of the pipeline just like valves, so installation and maintenance are very convenient.             

2, water free pollution: the main overflow parts are made of stainless steel, and have the characteristics of light weight, clean and sanitary.           

3. Low operating cost: high efficiency, low loss, low failure rate and long service life of the multistage pump 


  The pre-operation of the horizontal multistage pump D multistage centrifugal pump before starting:           

1, multistage centrifugal pump before starting to check the oil name, type, main performance and filling quantity of compliance with the requirements of technical documents;           

Bearing lubrication system, sealing system and cooling system are in good condition, the oil and water bearing is smooth;           

The rotor disc pump 1 to 2 rpm, check whether there is friction between the rotor or stuck phenomenon;           

In the coupling or near the belt guards, etc., have hindered rotation of the debris;           

Pump, bearing, motor base bolts are loose;           

Valve pump system or job attachment should be running in pump location of the smallest load, should close the outlet valve;           

Point move multistage centrifugal pump to see whether the impeller's steering is consistent with the design steering. If it is not consistent, the impeller must be completely stopped, then the motor's wiring will be adjusted before it can start again.             

2, multistage centrifugal pump water filling           

Before the start of the pump, the pump and the suction pipe must be filled with water first. This is because when the air is in existence, the multistage centrifugal pump can not form and maintain the population vacuum.


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