No-cloging Paper Pulp Pump

No-cloging paper pulp pump

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No-cloging paper pulp pump


Introduction of no-cloging paper pulp water pump 

The paper pulp pump adopts the principle of "relative suction and relative blocking in the two-phase flow theory to carry out the hydraulic design of the pump, which reduces the scour and wear of the pulp on the flow passage parts, and greatly improves the working efficiency and service life of the pump. 

The series of paper pulp non-cloging pumps have the following remarkable characteristics:


1.High efficiency and energy saving: the operating efficiency is 3-10 percentage points higher than that of ordinary pulp pump, and the energy saving and consumption reduction are up to 15-30%.

2.Good cavitation performance and long service life: the actual service life is 2-3 times longer than that of ordinary pulp pump.

3.Reasonable structure and convenient maintenance: the pump head adopts the front and rear open door structure, so it is not necessary to dismantle the pipeline during maintenance, but only needs to move the motor backward to dismantle and maintain the pump.

4.High density and no jam: the density of the pulp can reach 6%.

Applicable industries of paper pulp pump

1.Papermaking industry: it is used to transport, lift and pressurize the medium in the industrial process of pulp and alkali recovery with the concentration below 6%;

2.Sugar industry: used to transport syrup with concentration below 4% and viscosity below 150mm²/s;

3.Urban sewage industry: it is used for circulating transmission, lifting and pressurization of medium in sewage treatment process.

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