150kw Big Capacity Split Casing Pump

150kw Big Capacity Split Casing Pump

150kw big capacity split casing pump Description The S series pumps are single stage, double suction; horizontal split case pumps designed for high volume water transfer in a wide range of applications. Centurion pumps are available in 43 sizes ranging from 80mm to 400mm discharge and capable of...

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150kw big capacity split casing pump

MODO split case are available in single stage figurations. Select from either horizontal or vertical mount configurations and electric or engine drives. The split case series offers a wide variety of pump casing, impeller, packing and mechanical seal options. Experience low life cycle costs, higher efficiencies and less downtime with the WSD Series than comparable brands.

It is non-self-priming, between bearing, centrifugal volute pump. The axially split design allows easy removal of the top casing and access to the pump components (bearings, wear rings, impeller, and shaft seal) without disturbing the motor or pipe work.

The independent bearing housing allows for ease of maintenance without removing the top casing. The double volute design reduces the radial load on the shaft, extending component life, minimizing vibration and providing quiet operation.


Adopts horizontal, vertical axis medium open type double pump shell structure, lining for cemented carbide or rubber has good wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and high reliability.
High efficiency hard alloy, and low NPSH
To meet the different operation conditions, adopted the brief type structure bearing parts, selected high bearing capacity design, alloy bearing grease lubrication oil.
Through adjusting the clearance between protection board and impeller, ensuring the pump efficient operation
Using packing seal, impeller sealing, and container type mechanical seal to adapt to different operating mode requirement.
Pump and drive can choose straight league transmission, triangle, hydraulic transmission device coupled transmission, reducer drive.
The outflow direction can be installed by eight Angle rotation to adapt to different site installation condition.
Available to use multiple series, to satisfy the long-distance transmission requirements


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