Big Capacity Diesel Fire Fighting Pump

Big Capacity Diesel Fire Fighting Pump

compared with the advantages of electric fire pump Second, do not need long-term investment in power supply, saving electricity supply transformer and normal expenses.

Product Details

Big capacity diesel fire fighting pump

Environmental and working conditions

1 Ambient temperature:
1.1 Ambient temperature range 4 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;
1.2 working to improve the ambient temperature every 5 ℃, its power decreased by 1% (to 25 ℃ as the base);
2 Altitude:
2.1 reference elevation 91.4m, the reference atmospheric pressure is 100KPa;
2.2 If the work to an altitude of over 1000m, reference should be corrected GB1105.1-1987 diesel engine power,
you can consult the specific technical department;
3 Relative humidity ≤80% (20 ℃), outdoor allow 90% (when installed outdoors in the order presented, you
can choose to configure the outdoor structure, protection class IP55)

The scope of work

1 Water pressure 0.2-2.5MPa (20 ~ 250 meters);
2 Flow range 5 ~ 1200L / S
3 Power: 3kW ~ 2000 kW;
4 speed range 1500 ~ 3200r / min
6 Permissible media: Drinking water, chilled water, fire water, and other impurities without abrasive or long-fiber
impurities and no chemical or mechanical pump for corrosive media.
7 to allow the maximum medium temperature 70 ℃, the maximum ambient temperature of 40 ℃;
8 Maximum allowable working pressure of 1.6MPa, the maximum inlet pressure 0.6MPa;


 Diesel Engine:
1 power less than 20kW using one or two cylinder diesel engine;
2 Power 20kW ~ 30kW using Q385;
3 Power 30kW ~ 56kW four-cylinder diesel engine 4100,4102,4108 etc;
4 Power 70kW ~ 300kW six-cylinder diesel engine 6105,6113,6135 etc;
5 Power 300kW ~ 2000kW8,12,16-cylinder diesel engine 12V135AZD, KT38, etc;

Diesel Engine selection:
The selection of diesel power rating should be greater than 10% of the maximum pump shaft power, under
abnormal conditions of engine power will be less than the rated power. For proper operation, it should be used in
high power diesel engine and pump support. NOTE: Diesel engine rated power in the state when the following
criteria measured:
Atmospheric pressure is 100KPa;
Ambient temperature 25 ℃
Air relative humidity 30%
Working to improve the ambient temperature every 5 %, its power decreased by 1% (to 25 % as the base);
Work to raise the altitude of 100m, its power is reduced by 3%;

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