China Horizontal Double Suction Pump

This series of pump is suitable for water supply and drainage in factories, mines and cities, power station, drainage and irrigation of farming, and kinds of hydraulic projects.

Product Details

china horizontal double suction clean water pump

MS series China Horizontal Double Suction Pump are characterized by reliable performance, energy saving, convenient maintenance, long service life, etc. they have been favored by users since they were put into the market.       



The China Horizontal Double Suction Pump design conforms to GB / t5657 standard.           

The pump adopts linear design with stiffener to make the pump structure more reasonable, beautiful appearance and stable installation.           

The shorter bearing spacing improves the rigidity of the shaft, and ensures the stable operation, small vibration and low noise of the unit.           

Fully sealed pump shaft design, so that the pump shaft does not contact with the transmission medium, so as to ensure that the pump shaft is not rusty, easy to disassemble, long service life.           

Part of the bearing body adopts the split structure, the pump cover and the bearing body are opened, the whole rotor can be taken out, and the adjustment is simple and convenient for maintenance.           

There are two kinds of shaft seal structures, mechanical seal and packing seal. According to the user's requirements, special sealing methods can also be adopted, such as special seal for sand control, layered shear packing seal, etc.            

Both the China Horizontal Double Suction Pump body and the pump cover are made of resin sand, which ensures the accuracy of casting shape and runner size, smooth surface, and improves the hydraulic efficiency.           

The hydraulic model and CFD optimization design are adopted to improve the hydraulic efficiency and cavitation performance of the pump.           

The finite element method is used for strength calculation, which makes the pump run more reliable and durable, and prolongs the service life of the pump.            

The bearing has a water-cooled structure, which can be used under high temperature conditions.           



This series of China Horizontal Double Suction Pump are applicable to power station, tap water, municipal, construction, fire protection, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries for conveying clear water or other media with physical and chemical properties similar to clear water.           


Working conditions           

Flow: 66 ~ 37000m ³ / h           

Lift: 5 ~ 180m           

Inlet pressure: 0.3MPa           

Transmission medium temperature: normal temperature 80 , cooling structure 105 , inlet pressure 0.3MPa or temperature equal to or higher than 105 , special order is required.



Clean water/Sea water


MS Double   Suction Water Pump


68 m3/hr to 30000 m3/hr


6 m to 230 m


585 rpm/730rpm/980rpm/1450rpm/2980rpm

·Outlet Diameter:

150mm to 1600mm (6"up to 64")


Max.: 80


Diesel or Electric


4140   Mild Steel

·Shaft Sleeve

Cast   iron/3 Cr13/40 Cr

·Pump Casing

Cast   iron/Cast steel/SS 304/SS316


Cast   iron/Cast steel/SS 304/SS316/Bronze

·Shaft seal

Mechanical   seal/Packing gland seal

·Seal ring

Cast   iron/ZCuZn16Si4/ZCuSn10Zn2


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