Coal Mining Split Casing Pump

Coal Mining Split Casing Pump

The MS double suction water pump is a single-stage double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and used to transport water and the liquid of both physical and chemical nature similar to those of water.

Product Details

 Discription :

The Lowest Life-Cycle range of split case pumps has been developed to offer the end user maximum efficiency and design life over a wide range of duties.  The well proven design not only achieves market leading efficiencies, but also offers long component life, easy maintenance and reduced levels of efficiency degradation.

The standard materials of construction include a high quality stainless steel impeller, stainless shaft cartridge mechanical seals and internally coated casing.

 Typical applications

  • Water extraction

  • Booster pumping

  • Cooling tower circulation

  • Process and industrial utility duties

  • Petrochemical utility duties


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