Large Flow Split Casing Centrifugal Pump

XS series pump is a new generation of high-performance single-stage double suction split casing centrifugal pump, mainly suitable for water plant, air conditioner circulating water, heating network system, building water supply, irrigation, drainage station, power plant, industrial water supply, fire fighting system, ship industry, mine water supply and drainage and other occasions for liquid transmission.

Product Details

Large flow double suction centrifugal water pump 

we received an inquiry from India for large flow about 2000M3/H at  200m head clear water pump. He said used to indusrty water supply and need high perfromance. So we recommend 2 pieces of model XS250-800 to work together.  

XS150-290 0


XS150-290 04

XS series pump is designed for irrigation, such as water plant, circulating water of air conditioner , system of heating network and fire fighting, water supply for industry, buidling and mine, etc.

Material option: 

There are main part materials of XS pumps,such as copper, cast iron, ductile iron, 316 stainless steel,  bidirectional steel, hastelloy, monel, titanium alloy and 20 alloy as customized.

Some one may ask what is the difference between split casing pump and single suction pump, let us see the following:

1. The main difference between split casing pump and single suction pump is the difference of impeller. The single suction impeller absorbs water in one direction, and the front and rear cover plates of the impeller are asymmetric. Double suction impeller both sides suction, impeller cover plate symmetry, general large flow centrifugal pump use double suction impeller.

2. The single suction pump has the characteristics of stable operation, simple structure, convenient maintenance, convenient installation and space saving. The single suction pump has the advantages of low cost, reasonable price, wide range of use, small single suction volume, but large axial force and heavy bearing load. The split casing pump is equivalent to two single suction impellers with the same diameter working at the same time, thus the flow rate can be doubled too. The impeller structure has no axial force and operates stably. 


Operation precautions when using it:

(1) Note that the bearing temperature shall not exceed the ambient temperature by 35 ℃ and the temperature shall not exceed 75 ℃.

(2) In the process of start-up and operation, it is necessary to observe whether the instrument degree, bearing temperature, packing water leakage and temperature, pump vibration and noise are normal. If abnormal conditions are found, they shall be handled in time.

(3) The normal water leakage of the packing chamber is about 20-30 drops per minute. The inner diameter of mechanical seal is less than or equal to 50 mm, and the leakage is less than 5 ml / h.

(4) The lubricating oil level shall be kept at the normal position, and it shall not be too high or too low. If it is too low, it shall be supplemented in time. In general, when the first operation is 300 hours, all the new oil should be replaced, and then the new oil should be replaced every 3000 hours (the user can determine the oil change cycle according to the actual situation and experience).

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