Split Casing Water Pump

Split Casing Water Pump

The "S" series split casing pump is a single stage, double suction horizontal open centrifugal pump. The S double suction pump is suitable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage pumps.

Product Details

High capacity fire split casing pump


According to market needs,MS  Horizontal  Vertical Standard Split Casing Water Pump is developed in the broad absorption of advanced technology. Its remarkable characters are as follows: perfect, excellent general model, novel structure, convenient repair.,our pumps currently produced by our company have fall into more than 40 categories, nearly 400 specification products. We had improved pump impeller and impeller diameter to lead to its impact framework and increasing efficiency. In the spectrum performance range, we can provide any water pump that meets users’ need for pump head and flow.

Sophisticated products and complete quality control, reach domestic advanced standard. We have IS09001 certificate so we can ensure its quality.

This series of water pumps are in accordance with lS02548C, GB321 6C, GB/T5657 standard.



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Product details:




Material details:

  • Equipped with double suction impeller, which release the axial force to lowest level.

  • Most advantaged CDA hydraulic model.

  • The pump body can be adjusted to transformed impeller so that it can improve its efficiency in different situations.

Pump body
  • Equipped with double volute case, it releases radial force. Force on shaft decrease and lead to longer service life.

  • Convenient installation. Pump cover with automatic correction function.

  • Relative pipeline position of motor and pump body is changeable so as to adjust to different occasions.

  • There is on vortex beside inlet, stable operation and low wastage.

  • Convenient maintenance, enlarged bearing, long service life.

  • Bearing sleeve fixed up in bottom of bearing, which contributes to stationary position and its reliability, easy dismounting.

  • Enlarged one, fine rigidity stable operation, novel structure.

  • There is no damage on rotor even though short time of reversal and it is easily changed back into right direction.

  • It is a complete sealed shaft that could not get in touch with liquid and has nothing to do with thread corrosion.

  • Spare parts finely meet the pump specifications.

  • Welded steel one for you chose which has the feature of impact resistance and fine malleability. It is portable and durable one.

Shaft Sealing
  • Branded mechanical sealing with no leakage, axle sleeve is stainless steel, which avoids corrosion.

  • Wadding used meets requirements for environmental protection.

  • Injection type of wadding can ensure current on-line service without stop the machine so that it can save loss of machine halt. Frictional power consumption decreases.

Modo Pump has been focused on split casing water pump manufacturing and selling for many years, which is known as a professional manufacturer and supplier of various quality pumps in China. We have gathered many professional and experienced staff, as well as advanced equipment in our factory. Welcome to buy our split casing water pump and check the price list with us.
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