Water Pump For Irrigation

Water Pump For Irrigation

IS \ ISR type single-stage end-suction centrifugal pump is designed according to the capability and sizestipulated in the international Standard ISO2858, it is composed of pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, ring seal, sleeve and suspended bearing units, etc. IS \ ISR type pump is for water or liquid similar to water, with high temperature mechanical seal it also could be used to transfer hot water.The water pump is simple, reliable, small, light, and with good anti-cavitation performance, little power consumption and easy to maintain.

Product Details

IS High efficiency No leakage Split-case end suction centrifugal pump is high-effective energy-saving products, split-case end suction centrifugal pumps are successfully designed by ways of adopting the property data of worldwide centrifugal pumps and the unique advantages of vertical pumps, it is strictly in accordance with ISO2858 world standard and the latest national standard JB/T53058-93. This Hydraulic pump develops into hot water pump (KYWR/KYLR), chemical engineering pump (KYHL) and oil pump (YG) according to different medium. 

The impeller is fixed up directly on the lengthening shaft, which results in short axial length. The centrifugal pump and motor coincide perfectly, which effectively reduces the axial and radial force.
Stable running, low noise, high concentricity of components. The impeller has the advantage of best dynamic and static balance, so no vibration at running.
Easy to maintain Split-case End Suction Centrifugal Pump. It is no need to remove the pipeline for check-out and maintenance.
According to the installation condition of the worksite, IS high efficiency no leakage End Suction Centrifugal Pump could be mounted vertically or horizontally etc.
According to the requirements of the flow and head, the end suction centrifugal pumps can be mounted in parallel or in series.

Working Conditions

Maximum working pressure is less than 1.6MPa, which refers to the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure all together is less than 1.6MPa. The testing pressure is 2.5MPa. Cast steel will be used for the flow passage components and joint parts when the working pressure is larger than 1.6MPa.
Proper medium: clear water without solid particles or the solid particle content is no more than 0.1%of the water and diameter is less than 0.2mm.
The environment temperature should not be higher than 120ºC. The relative humidity should not be more than 95%.

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